Information for outgoing students

How to prepare your stay abroad?

If you want to go abroad you have to arrange a lot of things. Make sure that this fits within your study plan. You can always discuss your study plan with your study adviser or track coordinator. To give you a rough overview of the steps you have to take, a timeline is provided in this section. Note that this timeline is a guideline, the information provided gives no guarantees.



preparation to arrival

pack your bags

while abroad

returning home

12-8 months in advance

8-3 months 
in advance

3-1 months
in advance

1-0 months
in advance

0-12 months

0-1 months


12 – 8 months in advance

In the pre-application phase you can orientate yourself on the endless number of possibilities. There are three categories of student mobility: 

  • 'Courses abroad', also called 'Study abroad' or 'exchange' . In Dutch this is called: 'minor' (if taking place during your BSc programme) or 'Vakken buitenland' (if taking place during MSc programme)
  • 'Internship' (in Dutch: 'Stage')
  • 'Graduation assignment' (in Dutch: 'Afstudeeropdracht', 'Bachelor opdracht', 'Master opdracht') 

After you have decided to actually go abroad the first step is to register in Mobility Online. Make sure that you register for the right activity! After registration you will be able to login and fill out a co-called Proposal form. 

Note that studying abroad can cost somewhat more than staying in the Netherlands. Orientate yourself in the possibilities on getting a grant in the section on Money Matters. If you want to discuss your plans contact the student mobility center.


8 – 3 months in advance

As you can see above, the first step is to register in Mobility Online.
For more information about the exchange procedure, see the exchange procedure.
For more information about doing an internship, see the internship procedure.
More information about doing a graduation assignment abroad will follow. For now, consult the webpages of your educational programme. 


3 – 1 months in advance

When you successfully applied it is time to do some other arrangements …

Apply for the mandatory Travel Insurance of the University of Twente.

For more practical information about for example visa, housing & vaccinations, visit the UT’s website on study abroad.

Make sure that you will have enough time to arrange your paperwork such as your Learning Agreement, Assignment Agreement and/or (if applicable) a Confidentiality agreement
Note that during the holidays it might be more difficult to get your papers signed!


1 – 0 months in advance

It is time to pack your bags!


You are obliged to let the UT know that you arrived safely and started your time abroad by filling in a Notification form (NL: Meldingsformulier) Mobility Online!


Want to provide others such a great time as you’ve had? Register as a Buddy at the University of Twente.

For information about what to do upon rerturn, check the section about what to do after your stay abroad.