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Time line for 'going abroad'

If you want to go abroad you have to arrange a lot of things. Make sure that this fits within your personal study plan. You can always discuss your study plan with your study adviser or track coordinator. To give you a rough overview of the steps you have to take, a timeline is provided in this section. Note that this timeline is a guideline, the information provided gives no guarantees.



preparation to arrival

pack your bags

while abroad

returning home

12-8 months in advance

8-3 months 
in advance

3-1 months
in advance

1-0 months
in advance

0-12 months

0-1 months


12 – 8 months in advance

In the pre-application phase you can orientate yourself on all the possibilities you have. Continue reading this website, register for (and read the information in) the Canvas site called "Study abroad for ET students", talk with students who have been abroad and/or students from abroad who are currently visiting the UT, go to events, join facebook groups, etc.

After you have decided thàt you want to go abroad and whàt you want to do abroad, the next step is to register in Mobility-Online. Make sure that you register for the right activity! After registration of an activity you will be able to login to continue with and monitor the status of your application for this activity.


8 – 3 months in advance

As indicated above, you should apply for any activity by registering this activity in Mobility-Online.
For more information about going abroad for courses, see the exchange procedure for a concise overview, and the canvas site for more details.
For more information about going abroad for an internship, see the description of the internship procedure for the concerned programmes ME and SET resp.
For more information about going abroad for (a part of) a graduation assignment abroad consult the webpages of your educational programme and/or contact your Programme Coordinator.


3 – 1 months in advance

After you have applied succesfully and you have permission to 'go ahead', it is time to do some other arrangements. Think of arranging transport for your journey, health/travel/... insurance, accommodation, vaccinations, etc. On the UT’s website on study abroad you can find a lot of information about these matters.

Make sure that you will have enough time to arrange the paperwork which is part of the application procedure, such as for instance your Learning Agreement, Assignment Agreement, Grant agreement or Confidentiality agreement (not all documents are part of each procedure). Note that during the holidays it might be more difficult to get your papers signed! On the canvas site you can find more information on who signs which paperwork and where to get signature on all kinds of documents.


1 – 0 months in advance

It is time to pack your bags!


You are obliged to let the UT know that you arrived safely and started your time abroad by filling in a Notification form (NL: Meldingsformulier) Mobility Online!


For information about what to do upon rerturn, check the section about what to do after your stay abroad. And perhaps you would like to help others getting such a great time as you’ve had? In that case, register as a Buddy at the University of Twente!