If you are interested in a placement (or: traineeship, internship, reseach assignment, thesis work, thesis assignment, ...) during (part of) your exchange periode, then please read the following information carefully.


Although in the sections below the word 'placement' is used, the activity itself could be labelled many things, as you might have guessed from the introductionary sentence above. 
For an assignment in a company, we usually use the term 'placement' or 'internship', but our regular students are also going to a company as part of their thesis work. If you would be able to do such assignment in the context of an exchange programme, then it is up to your home university if they accept (the results of) such assignment as a placement or as thesis work.
For an assignment in a research group, we usually use the term 'research assignment'. In general such assignments will be registered as a 'capita selecta' course (for Msc exchange students; scroll down to see some examples) or "201800519 Research assignment for exchange students" (for BSc exchange students). However, if (the results of) such assignment is used in your home university as 'internship', 'course assignment', 'thesis work', 'graduation work', or something else, that is completely up to you and your home university.

Please continue reading to find out what kind of assignments we support and what you have to do in preparation to such 'assignment', before actual applying and/or before arriving here.

In a company

Placement only:

If you want to come to the Netherlands for a placement in a company only, note that we do not offer support for this.

Placement in combination with courses:

If you are selected for an exchange semester or full year in our faculty, then it might be possible to include a placement in a company into your exchange period. Do note that you will still have to organise this yourself, in the same way as our regular students have to do! We can support you with information on companies (programmes ME and SET only) and finding a UT supervisor to assess your internship, but you will have to apply yourself, follow the procedures like all our regular students have to, as well as possibly organising a move to a different town, if applicable.

In a research group ("research assignment")

Placement only

If you want to come to the Netherlands for a placement in one of our research groups only, you will first have to find a group and a supervisor within our faculty. Check out the research pages of the faculty, find a contact person in that group and send him/her a request by email including your CV (curriculum vitae), ToR (transcript of records) and LoM (letter of motivation). Do include in the LoM what you are planning to do: to apply for a placement only, or for a combination of courses and a placement (see also below). 
Only after you have received a positive response from your potential ET supervisor, you can start with your application. There are two options:

  • your home university does have an exchange agreement with our faculty: ask your Departmental or Institutional Coordinator to nominate you for a 'Placement' in our systems. They should know how to do this. After nomination you will receive information on how to continue with your application.
  • your home university does not have an exchange agreement with our faculty: send an email to with your request to receive an application form. Make sure your potential ET supervisor is added in the cc: of that email. Without this you will not receive the application form.

Note that acceptance by one of the research staff members ('your potential ET supervisor') does not automatically means that you are accepted for a placement at our university. Acceptance also depends on your nationality (do you need a visa or not, does the university need a working permit for you or not, etc.), the time duration you want to come and the fact if we do or do not have an agreement with your home university. It is not possible to inform you on forehand (= before applying) about the outcome of this administrative part of the assessment. If you would like more information about this administrative aspect, please contact

Placement in combination with courses

If you are selected for an exchange semester or full year in our faculty, you are free to include a placement in a research group into your exchange period. In this case it would basically be doing some self-study and/or an assignment, which could be labelled as ‘capita selecta’. Find in the course catalogue the capita selecta course of the field you’re interested in. In the information regarding the course you will find the name of the member of staff who is the contact person for this capita selecta course. Contact this member of staff to find out what the possibilities are for doing such capita selecta assignment as an exchange student (for BSc students a 'capita selecta' course will be registered as a 'Research assignment for exchange students'). In the course catalogue the number of ECTS credits is stated as ‘5’, but in practice many research chairs give the opportunity of doing an assignment for up to 20 EC. Since you would be doing courses as well, you can contact a research group once you 're already here, you do not have to do this before coming over. Of course, there is always the risk that there isn't anything available, so it might be a good idea to contact the aforementioned member of staff befóre applying for the exchange semester. See the paragraph above ('Placement only') on how to apply in advance  and what documents you should attach to your request.

Do note that the easiest way for the 'placement+courses'-option is to choose the ESP "Fluids & Heat engineering" (Spring semester; ME students only)!

Examples of 'Capita selecta' courses

(use the course catalogue to read more about the courses)


Korte naam


Biomechanical Eng. - Capita Selecta


CAD/CAM - Capita Selecta


Capita Selecta Master IDE


Capita Selecta SET


Capita Selecta Thermal Fluid Engineering


CS Construction


CS Construction Management Engineering


CS Engineering Project Management


CS Product Safety and Standardisation


CS Traffic


CS Water


Design Engineering - Capita Selecta


Design of Product Surfaces - CS


Engineering Fluid Dynamics - C.S.


Industrial Design - Capita Selecta


LCA & Designing - Capita Selecta


Maintenance Eng. & Design-for-Main. - CS


Manag. of Product Development - C.S.


Mechanical Automation - Capita Selecta


Production Management - Capita Selecta


Virtual Reality - Capita selecta

After you have read the above and have followed the instructions to find a ET supervisor first, continue reading about the application procedure via the button below:

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