The description of the Exchange Study Packages (ESP) which can be chosen by exchange students in Civil Engineering can be found by clicking on the button below. Make sure you choose a package in your own study level (bachelor / master)!

Additional option for MSc exchange students:

Although we strongly prefer you to choose one or two of those Exchange Study Packages, it might be that you would really like to choose your own set of courses. In that case, take a look at this overview of courses of the MSc programme Civil Engineering & Management, grouped by profile/specialisation. Regular MSc students in CEM/CME have to choose a specialisation and a profile; exchange students do not. You can, however, use that information to select a feasible package of courses. Clicking on a module or course name in that overview will lead you straight to our Course catalogue, in which you can find more information regarding the concerned course. Do pay attention to the required pre-knowledge! Also note that MSc courses require a finished BSc degree in the same or similar field, which is not always mentioned in the Course catalogue.

Realise that if you choose your own individual course package rather than the suggested ESPs:

  • the assessment of your application will take more time. The assessment time increases if you choose courses belonging to an educational programme of a different faculty; your application will have to be assessed by different members of staff.
  • you increase the risk of having overlap in your lectures. The risk is the lowest if you choose courses within one and the same specialisation, and increases if you choose courses of different specalisations or even different educational programmes. Since the schedules are published a few weeks before the block starts, overlap cannot be checked months in advance.