Disciplines within the Faculty of Engineering Technology

The Faculty of Engineering Technology comprises four engineering disciplines: industrial design engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and sustainable energy. These four disciplines are covered in our three BSc programmes and five MSc programmes. All MSc programmes are taught in English, while from the academic year 2017/2018 onwards, all our BSc programmes will be taught in English as well. This has started with the first year (B1), and in 2018/2019 the second year (B2) will be offered in English, etc.

General information about 'academic year' and 'nominal study load'.

The academic year is divided into two semesters (1 & 2), and each semester into two blocks (A & B). Most of our courses are taught within one block, but some of the courses are taught during a whole semester (blocks 1A+1B, or blocks 2A+2B) and some are even taught from semester 1 into semester 2 (blocks 1B+2A). This, and a lot of other information, can all be found in our course catalogue. In the course catalogue, the block in which the course starts is indicated with 'Starting block'. Some courses can be started any time of the year, and usually do not include any lecturing. For these courses the 'Starting block' is "YEAR". 

The exact begin and end dates of each block can be found in the academic year. Note, however, the following two points to take into account when your start organising your travel plans: 

  • ususally there is an 'orientation activity' before the semester starts, of 1 up till 4 days. You are expected to attend these, and will be informed about the contents and duration of this activity after you are accepted as an exchange student. 
  • if you fail an exam, there might be the possibility to do a re-sit, but especially for the MSc courses, this is regularly scheduled outside the actual block in which the course is offered. The "re-sit" week is also indicated in the academic year.

The nominal study workload at the UT is 60 ECTS Credits annually, i.e. 30 ECTS credits per semester or 15 ECTS credits per block. The number of ECTS credits per course varies between 2 and 10. The majority of MSc courses offered at the UT have a study load of 5 ECTS credits. All BSc modules have a study load of 15 ECTS credits. It is not possible to register for only a part of a BSc module (e.g. for less than 15 ECTS credits).

The academic level of the course is indicated with: B1 (1st year BSc), B2 (2nd year BSc), B3 (3rd year BSc) and M (MSc).

In the course catalogue you can search for courses in different ways, e.g. by the 'starting block', the organising faculty, the organising study (= 'educational programme'), the participating study (= 'educational programme') and/or the responsible lecturer. The course catalogue has one disadvantage: specific course information might not be available yet. For example: In September (block 1A) you might not find information about a specific course in block 2B for the same academic year. In that case, please select the previous academic year. The information given is very likely to be accurate but cannot be garanteed, so a back up plan would be useful. 

NOTE: before you start using the course catalogue, you have to continue reading the next sections, to find out what you can choose as an exchange student in our faculty.

Course selection

Exchange study packages

To make choosing your courses (and the admission process) easier, the UT offers so-called Exchange Study Packages (ESP). These ESPs are balanced, coherent, well-structured and self-contained sets of courses at BSc or MSc academic level. Most of the ESPs are composed for one semester (30 ECTS), some of the ESPs are composed for one block only (15 ECTS).

Your background (BSc/MSc) & the course level you can choose (BSc/MSc)

Note that since both BSc and MSc programmes now offer English taught courses, bachelor students have to select BSc modules and master students can select both BSc modules or MSc courses. 

Your background (study field) & the subjects of the courses you can choose

You have to choose at least 60% of the courses (MSc students) or 50% of the modules (BSc students) within the discipline of the agreement which is used. Ask your coordinator at home for which study field (s)he has nominated you to the University of Twente. Whatever courses or modules you are choosing, make sure that you fullfill the prerequisites of those courses. Do note that selecting courses offered by other faculties will delay the assessment procedure, since multiple assessors will be involved.