Office hours

Consultation hours without appointment

Two members of the Student Mobility Office have set up so-called “consultation hours without appointment” (in short: 'open hours', or in Dutch: 'inloopspreekuur'), meaning you don't need an appointment and can just drop in at the times and days of the week as indicated below.

Internship Support Officer (B-ME, M-ME, M-SET)

Teatske Karstens - de Vries usually has open hours at fixed times of the week, for all your questions related to "internship":
Tuesday : 10.00-16.00 hrs.
Wednesday : 10.00-16.00 hrs.
Friday : 10.00-16.00 hrs.
Office location: Buitenhorst BH 105B

NOTE: During the Covid-19 situation there are no consultation hours, but you can reach her by e-mail ( or by phone (+31 53 489 8710).

Exchange coordinator (all educational programmes of the Faculty of ET)

The Exchange Coordinator - Tahnee Smits - has the following Open Office Hours.

When and where: 
Each Friday 10:00-12:00 hours (until further notice due to change of Covid measures)
Buitenhorst BH220.
If the room is occupied by other students, please wait downstairs in the small waiting area. 

Plan in a meeting with the Exchange Coordinator
If you are not able to attend the Open Office Hour, you can also request for a meeting with the Exchange Coordinator via Planzelf Enterprise.)
Please be aware that once you have made the request, the meeting is only definite once you have received an invite from the Exchange Coordinator. Planning in a meeting via Planzelf is only a request.

In the meanwhile you can also have a look at the following websites:
one of the Frequently Asked Questions (outgoing / incoming) sections    or
one of the Canvas sites "Study abroad for ET students" (outgoing) / Incoming student mobility for ET (incoming; accessible after enrolment as an UT Exchange student).