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Consultation hours without appointment

Two members of the Student Mobility Office have set up so-called “consultation hours without appointment” (in short: 'open hours', or in Dutch: 'inloopspreekuur'), meaning you don't need an appointment and can just drop in at the times and days of the week as indicated below.

Internship Support Officer (B-ME, M-ME, M-SET)

Jacqueline Emmerich has open hours at fixed times of the week, for all your questions related to "internship":
Monday : 9.30-10.30 hrs.
Tuesday : 14.00-15.00 hrs.
Wednesday : 11.00-12.00 hrs.
Office location: Buitenhorst BH 105B

Exchange coordinator (B-CE, M-CEM, M-CME, B-ID, M-IDE, B-ME, M-ME, M-SET) Dorien van de Belt has variable open hours, for all your questions related to "courses abroad". If it is decided that a longer appointment would be beneficial a follow-up appointment can be made right away. 
Just to perhaps save you some time: did you check if your question is perhaps mentioned and answered in one of the Frequently Asked Questions (outgoing / incoming) sections? Or in the Canvas site "Study abroad for ET students" (outgoing students only)?
Office location: HorstRing W103.
NB: always check the table for the most up-to-date information (refresh your browser!). Sometimes times (and/or days) have to be changed last minute. Due to educational activities the list below is a bit more irregular than normal.

Note: Summer recess is rapidly approaching. The 15th of July is the last open office hour of this academic year; till September no open hours will be scheduled. The Exchange Coordinator will be on holiday from the 17th of July till the 2nd of August. Keep in mind that during the whole summer period the processing of emails might take longer than usual.

(the list will be regularly updated; latest update: 26 June '19)