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Consultation hours without appointment

Two members of the Student Mobility Office have set up so-called “consultation hours without appointment” (in short: 'open hours', or in Dutch: 'inloopspreekuur'), meaning you don't need an appointment and can just drop in at the times and days of the week as indicated below.

Internship Support Officer (B-ME, M-ME, M-SET)

Jacqueline Emmerich has open hours at fixed times of the week, for all your questions related to "internship":
Monday : 9.30-10.30 hrs.
Tuesday : 14.00-15.00 hrs.
Wednesday : 11.00-12.00 hrs.
Office location: Buitenhorst BH 105B

Exchange coordinator (B-CE, M-CEM, M-CME, B-ID, M-IDE, B-ME, M-ME, M-SET) Dorien van de Belt has variable open hours, for all your questions related to "courses abroad". If it is decided that a longer appointment would be beneficial a follow-up appointment can be made right away. 
Just to perhaps save you some time: Please check if your question is given and answered in one of the Frequently Asked Questions (outgoing / incoming) sections or in the Canvas site "Study abroad for ET students" (outgoing only).
Office location: HorstRing W103.

NB: always check the table for the most up-to-date information (refresh your browser!). Sometimes times (and/or days) have to be changed last minute.

NOTE: From 23 December 2019 till 18 March 2020 there won't be any open office hours, due to a sabbatical leave of the Exchange Coordinator. The first open office hour in the new year will be on the 18th of March at 14:00 hr. The open office hours after that date will be published in week 12. During that period emails sent to will be processed as usual.

(the list will be regularly updated; latest update: 12 December '19)