Researchers involved in the SANTOSS project

The following researchers are joined in the SANTOSS-project:

From left to right: dr. ir. Jan Ribberink1, dr. Tom O’Donoghue2, dr. Jebbe van der Werf1, Jolanthe Schretlen1, dr. Lorna Campbell2, Dominic van der A2, dr. ir. Rob Uittenbogaard5, dr. Alan Davies4 and dr. Ming Li3

Not in the picture: dr. Jonathan Malarkey4 and dr. Shunqi Pan3.

1 Water Engineering and Management

Faculty of Engineering Technology

University of Twente

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

2 Department of Engineering

University of Aberdeen

King’s College

Aberdeen AB10 EN

United Kingdom

3 Department of Civil Engineering

University of Liverpool

Brownlow Street

Liverpool L69 3GQ

United Kingdom

Coastal Modelling Group:

4 School of Ocean Sciences

University of Wales Bangor

Menai Bridge

Anglesey LL59 5EY

United Kingdom

Coastal Sediment Transport Modelling Group:

5 WL|Delft Hydraulics

P.O. Box 177

2600 MH Delft

The Netherlands