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Project leader

prof.dr. Suzanne Hulscher
C3 - Water management applications of improved roughness modelling


dr.ir. Denie Augustijn
A4 - Supervisor of De Vries and Huthoff

dr.ir. Astrid Blom
A1 - Supervisor of Van der Mark

dr.ir. Hanneke van der Klis
B1 - Supervisor of Warmink

dr. Henriƫtte Otter
B2 - Supervisor of Hommes

dr.ir. Jan Ribberink
C2 - Supervisor of Tuijnder


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dr.ir. Astrid Blom
A2 - Dune stochastics in river morphodynamics

ir. Saskia Hommes
B2 - Methodology for Assessment Frameworks in Large-scale Infrastructural Water Projects

drs. Freek Huthoff
A3 - Appropriate modeling of vegetation roughness for river basin management purposes

ir. Rolien van der Mark
A1 - The effects of bedform stochastics upon bed roughness in rivers and seas

drs. Jord Warmink
B1 - Uncertainty analysis of roughness modelling in rivers

drs. Arjan Tuijnder
C2 - Roughness and large scale morphology

drs. Mindert de Vries
A4 - Influence of meso scale biogeomorphological interactions on the macro scale sediment balance of the Wadden Sea