Papers 2008


•H.A. Visser, R.J.M. Hermkens, M. Wolters, J. Weller, L. Warnet, Excellent impact performance of PVC pipeline materials in gas distribution networks after many years of service, Proceedings of the International Gas Union Research Conference, Paris, France, 2008.

•W.J.B. Grouve, R. Akkerman, A meso-scale BC to include micro-scale effects in textile impregnation processes, Engineering Mechanics Symposium, Lunteren, The Netherlands, 2008.

•H.A. Visser, T.C. Bor, L.L. Warnet, R. Akkerman, Ductile or brittle? The impact behaviour of uPVC upon ageing, Engineering Mechanics symposium, Lunteren, the Netherlands, 2008