Project News

16 / 17 July 2015 – Kick-off Meeting

On 16/17 July 2015 the kick-off meeting took place at DELTARES in Delft. During the meeting the framework for analyzing and comparing the maintenance procurement practice of road agencies in 11 countries was discussed. The first steps for approaching the road agencies and get access to their procurement knowledge were taken.

Productive, but relaxed atmosphere during the kick-off meeting

14 / 15 March 2016 – 2nd Project Meeting

On 14/15 March 2016 the 2nd project meeting took place at RAMBOLL in Copenhagen. During the meeting we made progress in categorizing different types of maintenance contracts, in order to compare commonalities and difference in the procurement practices of the 11 countries. We shared the first results of the country study and discussed the quick scan method for determining risks related to certain procurement strategies.

On the way towards categorization of maintenance contracts

23 / 24 May 2016 – 3rd Project Meeting

On 23/24 May 2016 the 3rd project meeting took place at University of Bath. During the meeting we further worked on the quick scan method and started defining a number of procurement strategies for road maintenance. We also prepared the upcoming workshops to be held in Trondheim and Delft.