Energy management at Curacao

The SIDS Caribbean island of Curacao is an island in the Southern part of the Caribbean Sea and is located 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela. In 2010, Curacao became a country in the kingdom of the Netherlands, when the Netherlands Antilles were disbanded. Curacao is a small Island (444 km2) with a population of about 150.000. The official languages of Curacao are Papiamento, English, and Dutch.

Electricity production in Curacao is strongly depended on import of fossil fuels. The peak power is about 125 MW, while the baseload is about 75 MW. A part of the electricity in Curacao is produced by wind energy (30 MW) and solar energy (12 MW). One of the disadvantages of these renewable energy sources is that they are intermittent. For this reason, it is impossible to produce the electricity baseload with these renewable energy sources, without the use of expensive energy storage.

The objectives of this research are:


to analyze the present status of energy use, energy awareness, and the energy savings potentials in the Curacao residential sector, because this sector uses more electric energy comparing with the other sectors;


to explore the potential energy policies that could be developed and implemented for this island;


to assess the technical and economic potential of the implementation of a solar pond and/or OTEC plant in Curacao to replace the conventional electrical base load.