Designing a quality label for insulation services for existing buildings

It is estimated that buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy use in the European Union. It is therefore not surprising that reducing the energy use of buildings has received a lot of attention in academics, business and public administration. Besides the aim of improving the energy efficiency of new buildings, the energy consumption of the existing building stock is of interest.

On January 1, 2014, the Netherlands had over 7.5 million homes, of which 44.9% had been built before 1971. Buildings constructed before that year typically were hardly or not at all insulated. The thermal insulation of these existing buildings is believed to possess a large energy saving potential.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises operate in the market of the thermal insulation of existing buildings. The organization IKOB-BKB developed a certificate to assess the quality of such companies. The assessment targets the products that are used and the professionalism of the company. However, the requirements to obtain and retain this certificate are disputed by a least some companies.

As a result, there is an interest in the development of a better alternative for this certificate. The aim of the project is therefore to design a quality label and associated certification- and assessment methods for insulation services for existing buildings. The project will primarily focus on ground, floor and cavity wall insulation.