Inpenetrable Infiltration

Since the first oil crisis in the 70’s the energy use of buildings is on the agenda. Regulation tries to persuade clients and contractors in the building sector to implement measures that decrease the energy use. Nowadays a thick insulation package is applied and also the present installations are capable of using fossil fuels more efficient or can even use renewable energy sources.

Although the size of the isolation package has increased and we are capable of constructing buildings more airtight, we still have limited insight in the amount of air that is entering and leaving a dwelling. Naturally dwellings need to be ventilated from the perspective of health, but the so called infiltration, or uncontrolled ventilation, needs to be limited from the perspective of energy losses. The infiltration occurs where building parts are not airtight connected. The research “Impenetrable Infiltration” aims at providing more insight in the airtightness of dwellings by determining the impact of the variables that determine the infiltration rate.

As base for the research existing research reports on the topic of airtightness of dwellings will be used. The airtightness of a building will be determined with a so called “blower-door-test”. The airtightness of the dwelling is determined in a measurement at under pressure and over pressure of fifty Pascal, by blocking up the dwelling with only a precise controlled ventilator in the entrance on the location of the front door. It is our intention to adjust the protocol for such a test to provide more detailed and reliable insight in the airtightness of a dwelling.

The following organisations and persons are involved in the project “Impenetrable Infiltration”.


The following organisations are involved in the project “Impenetrable Infiltration”:

University of Twente

Department Construction Management and Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology
Department Building Physics and Services

Selekthuis Bouwgroep

Nieuwenhuis Groep

The following persons are involved in the project “Impenetrable Infiltration”:

dr. ir. A.G. (Bram) Entrop

Assistant Professor Sustainable Building – University of Twente J.L.M. (Jan) Hensen
Professor Building Performance - Eindhoven University of Technology M.G.L.C. (Marcel) Loomans
Universitair Docent Indoor environment and energy - Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

ing. R.A. (Ron) Brons
Managing director - Nieuwenhuis Groep

ing. A. (Alex) Veldhoff
Manager - SelektHuis Bouwgroep

J. (Jan) Averink
Service coordinator - SelektHuis Bouwgroep


The project “Impenetrable Infiltration” was successfully finished by the publication of two publications in TVVL magazine. However, the topic still provides plenty room for additional research. This was lately shown by the cooperation with the industry association NBvL and a master graduation project in this research field.



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