Current projects

On this page information about the current projects of PRESBE is presented. The members of PRESBE are working on these projects at the moment and if you would like to contribute to the project you can always make contact. If you are interested in a topic of one of the current projects you can also always contact a member of PRESBE for more information.

Current projects

Throw in the i-drone

Drones provide the possibility to get to places that were traditionally difficult to reach. When the drone is equipped with an infrared camera four main issues in the construction industry can be studied as will be done in the “Throw in the i-drone” project ... read more

Designing a quality label for insulation services for existing buildings

It is estimated that buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy use in the European Union. It is therefore not surprising that reducing the energy use of buildings has received a lot of attention in academics, business and public administration. Besides the aim of improving the energy efficiency of new buildings, the energy consumption of the existing building stock is of interest. ... read more

Inpenetrable Infiltration

The research “Impenetrable Infiltration” aims at providing more insight in the airtightness of dwellings by determining the impact of the variables that determine the infiltration rate. ... read more