Update on vacancies at PRESBE

Three students will conduct studies related to the work field of PRESBE in the next months. Marit Colijn will start at 8 February at Selekthuis for a study related to the ‘impenetrable infiltration’ project. She will study the airtightness of newly built detached dwellings. Nick Oude Vrielink will conduct his master assignment on the adoption of wood stoves at the Dutch association of biomass stove suppliers (NBKL). He studies what the potential contribution of small sized biomass installations could be in achieving the ambitions of the government in the area of renewable energy. Wouter van Geert will continue with designing an autarkic bird watch accommodation at Rottumeroog. This study follows on an assignment of the course sustainable building earlier this study year.

BCT Architects has a place available for a student to conduct a study in the field of sustainable building. The content of the assignment is not defined at the moment. Students that have are interested can contact Bram Entrop.