The efficacy of policy instruments to reduce the energy use of privately owned dwellings

19-02-2016 - Governments aim to increase the adoption rate of Energy Techniques and Measures (ETMs) for buildings. Although these schemes seem successful, the subsidised push for ETM adoption encounters budget cuts and policies aspiring deregulation. Governments face the challenge to develop a ‘market’ where ETMs are offered and adopted without the support of public subsidies.
This paper presents the case of the Dutch province of Overijssel. This province deployed several policies and instruments. To improve the energy performance of their houses, home owners could lend money under favourable conditions and some subsidies were provided. As for the adoption rate of ETMs, Overijssel has been relatively successful. However, it is unclear what instruments can contribute to the creation of a market where ETMs are adopted without the need for subsidies.
Document study, website analyses and interviews, show that the province and municipalities currently use policy instruments that vary in success. Entrepreneurs that offer ETMs were unaware of many of the available instruments and right out doubted their efficacy. For synthesis a model was developed that mapped the available instruments as relations between the four main actors. The model facilitated the development of future scenarios for the ETM market in Overijssel. ... read more

Publication of current projects

31-01-2016 - Bram Entrop tells in this news paper of 3TU.bouw about the lighthouse projects "throw in the i-drone" and "impenetrable infiltration". Meisam Yousefzadeh tells about his PDEng study. ... read more

Analyzing the ambitions to develop sustainable stadiums in Brazil and the Netherlands

31-01-2016 - For the World Championships of 2014 and 2018, the International Football Association “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” (FIFA) had issued hosting countries the request to organize the sports event in a sustainable way. One way to enhance sustainability of these large scale events is by reducing at the life cycle energy use of its sport venues both directly and indirectly. ... read more

ETMs for empty buildings

26-01-2016 - Leegstaande panden vormen een steeds groter probleem. Er moet naar oplossingen worden gezocht om ongewenste gevolgen te voorkomen. Op financiële lasten kan worden bespaard door energietechnieken en -maatregelen (ETM’s) toe te passen. Panden worden hierdoor aantrekkelijker voor potentiële huurders en/of kopers. Om dit te kunnen bereiken is een instrument ontworpen om ETM’s te koppelen aan specifieke panden. ... read more