Gelhard, C.

Dr. C.V. Gelhard (Carsten)

Assistant Professor of Product-Market Relations

Phone: +31 (0)53 489 2571


Room: W 258

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General Information

Dr. Carsten Gelhard is an Assistant Professor of Product-Market Relations at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. Before, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Amsterdam Business School, The Netherlands. Carsten received his PhD from the University of Muenster, Germany. His research is at the intersection of marketing, innovation, and strategic management. Carsten particularly examines how firms can achieve sustained competitive advantage (i) by managing trade-off situations that are associated with value creation activities and (ii) by collaborating with external partners across the value chain. Recently, his work has been published at the Journal of Operations Management and the Journal of Business Research.

Research Interests

Innovation Management

(Innovation) Marketing


Business Model Design

Key Publications

Rodríguez-Entrena, M., Schubert, F., & Gelhard, C. (2016) Assessing statistical differences between parameter estimates in a Partial Least Squares path modeling framework, Quality & Quantity (DOI 10.1007/s11135-016-0400-8)

Gelhard, C., von Delft, S. & Gudergan, S. (2016) Heterogeneity in Dynamic Capability Configurations: Equifinality and Strategic Performance, Journal of Business Research 69(11) 5272-5279.

Gelhard, C., & von Delft, S. (2016) The Role of Organizational Capabilities in Achieving Superior Sustainability Performance, Journal of Business Research 69(10), 4632-4642

Miltgen, C., Henseler, J., Gelhard, C., & Popovic, T. (2016) Introducing New Products That Affect Consumer Privacy: A Mediation Model, Journal of Business Research 69(10), 4659-4666

Ajamieh, A., Benitez, J., Braojos, J., & Gelhard, C. (2016) IT Infrastructure Versus Competitive Aggressiveness in Predicting Green-Based Value Creation, Journal of Business Research 69(10), 4667-4674

Kortmann, S., Gelhard, C., Zimmermann, C., & Piller, F. T. (2014). Linking strategic flexibility and operational efficiency: The mediating role of ambidextrous operational capabilities. Journal of Operations Management, 32(7), 475-490.


Product-Market Relations

Service Management

Designing Business Models (& Entrepreneurship)

Strategy & Business Models

Bachelor & Master Thesis

Research Projects

Designing Business Models for a Circular Economy - An Analysis of the Dutch Packaging Industry. Research project coordinated by the University of Twente in collaboration with the knowledge institute sustainable packaging (KIDV) and the Top Institute Food & Nutrition (TIFN) in the theme Food Chain Sustainability and Dynamics (2016-2017)

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