Beukel, A.P. van den

MSc. Arie Paul van den Beukel (IDE, MTD)

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering

Coordinator Bachelor Final Assignments for Industrial Design Engineering






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General Information

Arie Paul van den Beukel is an Industrial Design Engineer and also graduated for the multi-disciplinary post-master course Technology Design, both at Delft University of Technology. He started working as an Interaction Designer for the automotive industry in Germany and specialized in human-centred design of in-vehicle information systems. Currently, Arie Paul holds a position as Assistant Professor for Industrial Design Engineering at University of Twente and lives in Twente. In general, his research interests are human factors for the development of driver assistance. Arie Paul takes part in in the research group Use Anticipation in Product Design ( and cooperates with the knowledge centre for Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance (


Interaction Design, Human Factors, Human-centred design of in-vehicle interfaces


Beukel A.P.van den. Mens vs. machine; wie rijdt er beter? Mogelijkheden én ergonomische uitdagingen van automatisch rijden. Tijdschrift voor Ergonomie, 2011, 3

Beukel A.P. van den, Voort M.C. van der. Human-centered challenges and contributions for the implementation of automated driving. In: G. Meyer, J. Valldorf (Eds.), Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2011. , Springer-Verlag Berlin, pp. 225-235, 2011

Beukel A.P. van den. Komt de automatische snelweg er nu wel? Product, 2011, 1.

Beukel A.P. van den, Voort M.C. van der. An assisted driver model Towards developing driver assistance systems by allocating support dependent on driving situations. In: J. Krems, T. Petzold, M. Henning (Eds). Proceedings of the Second European Conference on Human Centered Design for Intelligent Transport Systems. HUMANIST Publications, Berlin, Germany, 2010, 175-188.

Beukel A.P. van den, Voort M.C. van der. Evaluation of ADAS with a supported-driver model for desired allocation of tasks between human and technology performance. In: G. Meyer, J. Valldorf (Eds.), Advanced Microsystems for Automotive Applications 2009, Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2009, pp. 187-208.

Research interests

Human-centred design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Specific current research projects

Avoiding out-of-the-loop performance problems for transitions from automated driving to manually driving, and vice versa.


Within the Bachelor program for Industrial Design Engineering, Arie Paul coordinates the final assignment. For our students, the final assignment provides a unique opportunity to take up experience in practice. After all, it is in practice where student are able to discover the relationship between gathered knowledge and skills and their application. Besides offering assignments, Arie Paul helps students with finding and defining adequate new projects. He is contact person for external parties. Arie Paul also gives the course ‘Design of interactive products’, is instructor for Human Factors education and tutors design and graduation projects.


2007 - present

Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering
University of Twente (Enschede, Netherlands)


2005 - 2007

Development Engineer Interfaces for IVIS and ADAS
Ford GmbH (Köln, Germany)


2001 - 2005

Interaction Designer
Johnson Controls GmbH (Burscheid, Germany)


2000 - 2001

Internship; Developing Infotainment interface for Etimos demo-vehicle
presented at IAA Frankfurt in 2001
Johnson Controls GmbH (Burscheid, Germany)


1999 - 2001

Post-master course Master of Technology Design
Delft University of Technology



Graduation project: Development of medical table
Medi-Math (Houten, Netherlands)


1993 - 1999

Master Industrial Design Engineering
Delft University of Technology