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General information

Willem Haanstra is a researcher in the chair of Maintenance Engineering of the Department of Design, Production and Management at the University of Twente. In August 2016, he has started his research project at Liander N.V., the largest network provider in the Netherlands. The project aims to develop new (TCO/LCC) methods and tools to assist Liander in its strategic Asset Life Cycle Management.

Project description

Liander is – as a part of the Alliander group – responsible for the management of the gas and electricity networks in a number of regions in the Netherlands. Currently Liander is facing a number of challenges, among others:


the energy transition, which makes new demands on their networks due to the increase in the number of electrical cars and local sustainable energy production, only to mention a few; and


the replacement of a part of their assets, which are approaching the end of their projected life time.

Hence it is important to gain deeper insight in the life cycle costs (including societal costs) of the assets Liander owns. This research project aims to gain this increased insight, in order to grasp the full potential value (including sustainable and social value) of the assets used.

This will be done by the development of a method that assists a company in its strategic decision making in its Asset Life Cycle Management, by making optimal use of the knowledge and information available to the company.

This research is supervised by dr. A.J.J. Braaksma, ir. Marten Toxopeus and prof.dr.ir. L.A.M. van Dongen.

More information on this research can be found in the information flyer, which can be found here. The movie clip below gives a short preview of my research (in Dutch). Also, feel free to contact me using my contact details above.

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the development of TCO/LCC analysis methods at Liander

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