Haan, Robert-Jan den

Ir. R.J. den Haan

PhD Candidate




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General Information

Robert-Jan is a PhD candidate at the department of Design, Production and Management at the University of Twente. Specifically in the Human-Centred Design research group.


Participatory Design, User Involvement, Serious Gaming, Human-Technology relations.


Haan, R.J. den, Voort, M.C. van der & Hulscher, S.J.M.H. (2014). Challenges in the design of the Virtual River serious game. In D.C.M. Augustijn & J.J. Warmink (Eds.), Book of Abstracts NCR-Days 2014, Enschede, October 2-3 (pp. 53-54). Enschede: University of Twente.

Research interests

My interests can be summarized as researching and understanding the actual use of products and systems, facilitating (democratic) involvement of actors in multidisciplinary projects and understanding social implications of technology and innovation. All these research interests are situated on the socio-technical level, approached from a human-centred point of view.

Specific current research projects

Current research focuses on supporting decision-making processes through serious gaming. The application area for this research is river management in The Netherlands. Specifically, the aim of deploying serious gaming in these decision-making processes is to achieve informed and collaborative decision-making from the perspective of self-organization; the forming of new interactions and alliances between the diverse group of actors in river management to ultimately arrive at informed decisions which are supported by more if not all actors.

This research is embedded in the RiverCare research programme, funded through STW’s Perspectief programme. More information on RiverCare can be found here.


As a PhD Candidate, I am not involved in teaching as a coordinator or main instructor. However, I am involved in a couple of courses as for example a tutor or instructor:


Mens-Product Relaties (B-IO MOD5)


Scenario Based Product Design (M-IDE)


Project Ontwerpen voor een Specifieke Doelgroep (B-IO MOD7)


Ergonomie (B-IO MOD4)


Human Factors (B-Create MOD4)


Supervising students in their bachelor and master graduation assignments


2014: MSc Industrial Design Engineering – Master thesis objective: The design of conceptual interactive play sets for the public outdoor environment – Awarded the University of Twente Graduation Award 2014 for best MSc graduation project for the faculty of Engineering Technology

2014 – present: PhD Candidate at University of Twente, Department of Design, Production and Management

My personal website: www.rjdenhaan.nl