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Assistant Professor Industrial Design Engineering

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Co-design, Participatory Design, Scenario Based Design, Design for Healthcare

Research interests

Julia is a practice oriented researcher in the field of Co-design and Participatory Design. She has set-up and managed product design- and work process design projects for industry and hospitals.

Julia uses techniques such as scenario’s, role-playing games, and serious games to enable participants, who are not used to working and thinking as a designer, to contribute to innovation processes, develop new concepts and evaluate the consequences of their design decisions.

Specific research projects


2011-2012: Participatory design of new work practices for nurses within the new building of the MST hospital (Enschede, The Netherlands)




Since 2016 and ongoing-: MinD EU Rise Project – Designing for people with dementia. This project aims to help people with dementia engage in social contexts to improve psychosocial wellbeing.


Julia coordinates and gives classes and projects in the field of Scenario Based Design, Co-Design and Human Product Relations.



2007 MSc Industrial Design Engineering (cum laude). Redesign of a NICU patient space (conducted at the Isala Clinics, Zwolle)


2007 – present: University of Twente, Department of Design, Production and Management, Human Centered Design


2013 PhD: Games and Participatory Design in Healthcare


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