Dijk, J. van

Dijk, J. van

Dr.J. van Dijk (Jelle)

Assistant Professor Human Centered Embodied Design

Telephone:  +31 53 489 4596

Email: jelle.vandijk@utwente.nl

Room: Horstring N207

Personal website: www.jellevandijk.org

Powertools project (2016-2018): http://husite.nl/powertools/

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I am a design-researcher with a background in Cognitive Science and a Phd in Industrial Design. My current research focuses on designing for Embodied Empowerment. Drawing on theories of Embodied Interaction I investigate how to design new forms of mixed physical-digital interaction that empower people with cognitive- and/or social disabilities in organizing and taking control over their own everyday lives. My other interests span a variety of topics, both fundamental and applied, relating to cognition, design, interactive artifacts and situated human practices. I combine Embodied theory with Participatory tools- and methods, within a Research-through-Design approach.

Bachelor- and Master projects: applications welcome

Within the 2-year research project Powertools we are currently seeking a master graduation student. (Bachelor graduation students please contact me if you are interested as well). Together with three care organizations and three creative companies, Utrecht, Nijmegen and Twente University and TNO, we design and test a series of interactive product concepts to support people with a cognitive/social disability (for example autism spectrum disorder or light mental disability) in daily life. The graduation assignment is to design and test a new product concept in close collaboration with members of the intended user group and their care-givers. We seek students with interest in Human-Centered Design, Co-Design and some preferably skilled in prototyping for experience (Arduino, mock-ups, Wizard of Oz), or willing to learn. Send me an email for more information. See also the Powertools projectsite: http://husite.nl/powertools/

Phd supervision (daily supervisor)

I currently have space for the daily supervision of lecturer-researchers based at a University of Applied Sciences ( Hogeschool ) in their Phd project within the fields of Design Research, Human Centered Design, Co-Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Smart Products, Assistive Technology, Service Design and related. I have 14 years of experience both teaching, researching and managing education at three different Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. I finished my Phd at Eindhoven University of Technology while based at the lectorate Co-Design at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences where I was one of the first Phd candidates within the school. I collaborate with Prof. Mascha van der Voort (Human Centred Design) and Prof. Jörg Henseler (Product-Market Relations) and other relevant chairs at the University of Twente. Please send me an email to inquire for more information.

Teaching (current)


Project Designing for a Specific User group (Bachelor Industrial Design Year 2)


Embodied Interaction (5 ects – 2nd quartile - Master elective, Industrial Design, Human-Media Interaction, Science and Technology Studies and related)


Design for Interaction (5 ects – 4th quartile - Master elective)

Areas of Expertise

Embodied Design, Empowerment, Assistive Technologies, Tangible Interaction, Cognitive Science, Participatory Design, Creative Meetings, Co-Design Tools, Research-through-Design, Phenomenology.


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Workshops (invited & organized)

Van Dijk, J., Hendriks, N., Frauenberger, C., Verhoeven, F. Brandt, E. & Ronaldo, R. (2016) Empowering people with impairments: How participatory methods can inform the design of empowering artifacts. A workshop at PDC’2016, Aarhus, August, Denmark.

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Van Dijk J. & Frens, J.W. (2011) Being there doing it: designing for embodied cognition. Workshop at CHI Sparks Arnhem, 2011.

Curriculum vitae (short)


2000 MA/Msc Cognitive Science Radboud University of Nijmegen, Netherlands


2003-2007 Developing and teaching the Human Technology bachelor programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences


2007-2015 Lecturer and researcher at Mediatechnology Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the Co-design Research group (led by dr. Remko van der Lugt)


2013 Phd Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology. (Prof. C.C.M. Hummels. Title thesis: "Creating Traces, sharing insight: Explorations in Embodied Cognition Design"


2013-2014 Postdoc SPIRE institute SDU Denmark Sønderborg (in the group of Prof. Jacob Buur)


2015-present Assistent Professor at Utwente, researchgroup Human-Centred Design