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Robert E. WENDRICH is project founder of Rawshaping Technology [RST] research at the Intuitive Design, Interaction + Simulation Laboratory at University of Twente in the Netherlands.

He studied Product Design Development and Engineering at the Academy of Industrial Design Eindhoven. Currently he conducts his research on Hybrid Design Tools at the Faculty of Engineering Technology at the University of Twente. He was awarded the Best Teacher Award in 2005, 2007 and 2011 from the University of Twente. He is a member of EuroVR VETE SIG, Emotional Engineering SIG, Design Society, and ASME. In the past three years he has received a number of awards for his hybrid design tools and HCI-systems. For more information or references please visit:, google scholar or researchgate.


Industrial Product Design, Product Design Engineering, Creative Technology Media and Learning, Hybrid Design Tools, Multi-modal Interaction, Rawshaping Technology.


Wendrich, R.E. (2014) Hybrid Design Tools for Design and Engineering Processing. In: Advances in computers and information in engineering research - Volume 1 (Eds: Michopoulos JG, Paredis CJJ, Rosen DW, Vance JM) ASME, New York, USA, v1, pp. 215-238. ISBN: 978-0-7918-6032-8.

Wendrich, R.E. (Ontwerpen, Productie en Management / Design Engineering & Packaging Design (DE&PD)) (2013). The Creative Act is done on the Hybrid Machine. In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Engineering Design. (ICED 2013), Seoul, Korea, 2013, 10 pgs.

Wendrich, R.E. (Ontwerpen, Productie en Management / Design Engineering & Packaging Design (DE&PD)) (2012). Multimodal interaction, collaboration, and synthesis in design and engineering processing. In Proceedings of the International Design Conference(Design 2012), Dubrovnik,Croatia, 2012, 10 pgs.

Wendrich, R.E. (Ontwerpen, Productie en Management / Design Engineering & Packaging Design (DE&PD)) Raw Shaping Form Finding: Tacit Tangible CAD. Computer-Aided Design & Applications (ISSN 1686-4360), 2010, CAD in the Arts Special Issue, Volume 7, Number 4, 505-531. Available from:

Wendrich, R.E. (Ontwerpen, Productie en Management / Design Engineering & Packaging Design (DE&PD)) (2011). A Novel Approach For Collaborative Interaction with Mixed Reality in Value Engineering. In Proceedings of the ASME 2011 World Conference on Innovative Virtual Reality (WINVR2011), Milan, Italy., 2011, 9 pgs.


Rawshaping Technology, Hybrid Design Tools, VR/MR/AR, Multi-modal Interaction Design, Metacognition & Perception Processes, Creativity and Conceptualization.

Specific current research projects

Rawshaping Technology, Hybrid Design Tools, Technology Enhanced Learning, Serious Gaming, Validation, Evaluation and Dissemination of Scientific Research in Education and SME’s.


Discovery (Module 2), Scientific Challenges Industrial Design Engineering (Module 9 or 10).


Code: 201500005 (module 9 OR 10)

TOPIC: Blended Space [Rawshaping Technology Research]

Ideation and design representation constitute an important proportion of any design and engineering process. Usability and interaction design (IxD) of computational tools and systems often (i.e. mostly) lack the inclusion of metacognitive, sensory and/or physio-psychological aspects. The need for embedding and inclusion of the aforementioned aspects in the design engineering process calls for new perspectives, holistic viewpoints and novel approaches towards current human machine interface (HMI) and human computer interaction (HCI).

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Please contact Robert Wendrich to further discuss the possibilities for projects within a pre-defined topic. To start this module students have to submit a project proposal (half A4) that describes their project(s) to coach and module coordinator.

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