Remote Desktop (Windows Terminal Sever connection)

WTS How to use remote desktop
It is possible to access a remote desktop on one of our servers via the 'Remote Desktop Connection' client. In this way you can run programs and be part of our local network from a (large) distance. This also makes it possible to use programs which are normally not available on your computer. RDP-client software is available on many platforms, also on mobile platforms like iPhone and Android.

Available servers
The address of the server is

To login to the server, you need an employees-account (username and password). You also need to specify a domain, this is usually "AD". When you login, use the domain AND username, like this: AD\username

Use of the Remote Desktop Connection should not be too difficult:
Start the client, fill in the address of the server and push the "Connect" button. Via the "options" button you can change screen settings and login details.

If you cannot find the Remote Desktop client on Windows, you can type 'mstsc' in the Search-field in the Start menu, or on a command-prompt.