Interview with master student Wouter Achterberg

Wouter.jpgWhy did you choose the master track Production Management?

After my bachelor I wasn’t interested anymore in the traditional subjects (mechanics, dynamics, fluid mechanics) and I wanted to do something more focused on business. PM combines courses from Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration and this was precisely what I was looking for. Besides that, I thought that this track was the most focused on the Organization and Management profile, and it was.

What did you like most about the track so far?

The fact that this track also features courses from Business Administration is the most appealing to me. Also, PM focuses on designing processes instead of designing products or doing none-applied research.

What are you currently doing?

Currently I’m working on my master’s thesis at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, USA. I’m working on a research project for the Defense Logistics Agency. I’m at the Logistics & Distribution Institute of the University’s Speed School of Engineering.

Why did you choose for that?

During my bachelor and master I haven’t done any part of my program abroad and I was kind of regretting that. When Ronald Mantel offered me this project, I was pretty much immediately interested. After talking to a few students from the PM track who’ve been to this university I made the decision to go.

For more information about the University of Louisville, click here.