Example of a master thesis project: Ivo Stammis at ALT

Research theme Production Management

Research title Standardizing the Development Process of a Production Plant at ALT Technologies

Researcher Ivo Stammis

Research period From March 2011 to February 2012

Company ALT Technologies, Utrecht

Supervisor Sipke Hoekstra


ALT Technologies BV (‘ALT’) is a Dutch company specialized in the production of labeling and self-adhesive applications to customers in for example the automotive and electronics industries. Examples of products made are the cover labels which protect automobile airbags while being stored in their casing. Besides the current factories in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and Lupeni (Romania), ALT is working towards expansion by development of a new production plant in Shanghai, China. The increasing demand for safety applications in the Asian automobile industry is an important motive for this project. Besides a presence in China, the company also considers other possible locations to start new production plants in the future


The need has been expressed by ALT to standardize this plant development process by creating procedures to ensure high quality, fast and cost-effective development in the future. This leads to the goal of this research: the creation of a manual for plant development tailored to ALTs needs. In this research experiences gained during the project in China have been used as starting point for the manual.


By analyzing internal documents regarding operation, suppliers and budget and performing a team survey I was able to prioritize several aspects of the development process of a new production plant. The main result of this research is a Manual, containing action plans, template documents and a calculation tool for the design layout of a new production plant.

Personal experience

This assignment has been a very versatile one, full of both personal as well as professional experiences. It was my first encounter with working fulltime in a production company for a longer amount of time. One of the first challenges was learning to cope with the differences between academic theory and practices in reality. Furthermore the topic of the research was very interesting. During university courses the development of a factory was already discussed, but now I was able to see and participate in such a real world process myself. One of the highlights of my thesis project was my visit to the plant location in Shanghai, China. Overall this research project was a great combination of applying the knowledge I have gained during my education, as well as getting accustomed with the way a company deals with such a project in reality.