June 2007 (MSM-Fluid-Mechanics workshop)

12:30: WELCOME

12:40: Stefan Luding - Particle based simulations of non-Newtonian


13:00: Antina Ghosh - About a Lennard Jones Fluid in a Nano-Channel

13:15: Orion Mouraille - Sound propagation and the response of granular

media to deformations

13:30: Orencio Duran - The motion of dunes and the effects of vegetation

13:45: Stefan Luding - About the flow rheology of Granular Media (and

some other projects)

14:00: BREAK

14:30: Harry Hoeijmakers - Overview Research within Group

Engineering Fluid Dynamics

14:45: Rob Hagmeijer - Flows with growing and slipping droplets

15:00: Niels Kruyt - Turbomachines and micromechanics of

granular materials

15:15: Kees Venner - Thin Layer Flow and Lubrication: Multilevel

algorithms for Numerical Simulation,

Experimental Validation, and Design Optimization

15:30: Frans de Jongh - Aerosol deposition in the upper airways of a child


16:30: CLOSURE