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About Me

Stefan Luding studied physics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, focusing on reactions on complex and fractal geometries. He continued his research in Freiburg for his PhD on simulations of dry granular materials in the group of Prof. A. Blumen. He spent his post-doctorate time in Paris IV, Jussieu, with E. Clement and J. Duran before he joined the computational physics group with Prof. Herrmann for his habilitation. In 2001, he moved to DelftChemTech at the TU Delft in Netherlands as associate professor for particle technology. Since 2007 he has held the chair on multi-scale mechanics (MSM) at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, CTW, at the University of Twente, Netherlands, with ongoing research on fluids, solids, particle interactions, granular materials, powders, asphalt, composites, bio- and micro-fluid systems and self-healing materials. Stefan Luding has been managing editor in chief of the journal Granular Matter since 1998. He has written more than 200 publications and is a member of several international working parties, including presidentship of AEMMG that organizes the Powders and Grains Conference in 2009 and 2013.

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Research Interests

Micro-Macro methods for Particulate Materials

Mechanics and Structure of Granular Assemblies

Theory and Simulation of Granular Media

Continuum Mechanics

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics