See Senior Staff M.B. de Rooij

Dr. ir. M.B. de Rooij


Room: Horstring N-110.
Telephone: 053 489 1178


PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Surface Technology and Tribology
University of Twente, The Netherlands.
PhD thesis: Tribological aspects of unlubricated deepdrawing processes.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
University of Twente, The Netherlands.

Research interests

  • Vacuum and cryogenic tribology, high tech systems
  • Tribology of forming processes
  • Tribology in extreme conditions (high temperature)
  • Composite – insert bonding


  • Project B (1st year design project)
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Introduction to Technological research (ITO)
  • Design, Production and Materials
  • Solids and Surfaces, Surfaces part
  • Surface Technology

Selected Publications

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