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Room: Horstring N-107
Email: m.a.oomen@utwente.nl
Telephone: 053 489 6927


PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Surface Technology and Tribology (Oct.2013- Now).
University of Twente, The Netherlands.
Project title: “Sustainable Switches: The mechanisms behind modification and control of loading conditions in the presence of a lubricating layer in railway switches”.

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Mechanics group
University of Twente, The Netherlands (Sep.2010-May.2013).
Final project: “Power Absorption Method in Structural Health Monitoring”.

B.Sc. in Advanced Technology
University of Twente, The Netherlands (Sep.2005-Sep.2010).
Final project: “Bobsleigh Simulation; Analyzing corners of a bobsleigh track”.

Research interests

  • Friction and contact between wheel and rail
  • Predict wear behaviour in rail/wheel-system
  • Friction Modification