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Raman and Confocal Microscopy

Mechanical Face Seals are often used in compressors and in the chemical industry to prevent oils or other liquids from leaking from the system and possibly contaminating the surrounding environment. A custom built mechanical face seal test rig is used to investigate the friction and wear properties of such seals.

Keywords: Seals, Friction, Wear

Measurements / Setups: Geometrical and chemical changes of surfaces

Confocal sensor: lateral resolution 5μm, height resolution 5nm;
Raman spectroscopy: lateral resolution 2 μm;
Laser: power 50mW, wavelength 532nm;
DC stages : resolution 25 μm

Equipment: Confocal sensor, Confocal Raman spectroscopy, laser, spectrometer, CCD camera, controles, DC stages

Location: De Horstring N100

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology