Tribological properties of materials in (high) vacuum and protective environments can be measured with a miniature vacuum pin-disk machine.

On a radius of 10 to 15 mm pin-disk tests can be done with a speed ranging from 0.05 to 3 m/s and loads from 0 to 5 N in a vacuum to 10-5 mbar.

The pins have a diameter of 6mm and length 10mm.
The disk is max 6mm thick and has a diameter of 35mm.

To achieve a protective environment like helium the setup is vacuumed and afterwards filled with controlled flow to the desired pressure.

Normal load and friction force are measured with Futek strain gage transducers. The pressure is measured with a Pfeiffer MPT100 Pirani/Cold Cathode transducer (103 to 10-9 mbar)

The disk is driven with a Maxon EC90 flatmotor and transferred into vacuum with a Ferrotec ferrofluid feedthrough. The load is applied with a moving magnet actuator.

Keywords: Vacuum, Tribology, Friction, Wear.

Measurements: Friction under vacuum conditions.

Specifications: Normal Load: 0 to 5N; Speed: 0.05 to 3 m/s; Pressure: 10-3 to 105 Pa

Equipment: Build by Surface Technology and Tribology Group

Location: De Horst WH111

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology