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Adhesion and Friction in Vacuum

Confocal sensoring and Confocal Raman spectroscopy are measuring devices to investigate surface changes for a wide range of materials, such as ceramics, metals, polymers, etc. The confocal sensor, equipped with optical lenses, has a good image resolution, needed to measure the surface topgraphy. Raman spectroscopy, using a laser with a spectrometer and a CCD camera, excites the molecules of the material and detects bonds between those molecules, providing information about the chemical changes in materials. The combination of both techniques can be used to detect geometrical changes as well as physical and chemical changes on materials after friction and wear testing. In the future, this measuring system will be combined with the Vacuum Adhesion and Friction Tester

Keywords: Confocal microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, Wear, Friction

Measurements / Setups: Friction Wear

Location: De Horst WH111

Research group: Surface Technology and Tribology