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ing. Axel Lok (Z.A.J.)


Room: HR N148
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 1152
E-mail: Z.A.J. Lok
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Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Development of LabVIEW applications for experimentsExperimental Dynamics and Acoustics

Teaching Activities

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  • Programming Data Acquisition Software (201100236)Summer course LabVIEW practical.
  • Statica WB (191157170)Basic mechanics of internal and external forces operating on a construction at rest.
  • Advanced Dynamics (191157740)Part of the course deals with explaining the theory behind experimental vibrations research, introducing modal analysis, i.e. how to measure natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping., making use of FFT-techniques.

Other Activities

Technical support of the research projects on Structural Dynamics and Fluid Structure Interaction and Acoustics within the research group Structural Dynamics and Acoustics.
ICTS System Administrator