See Permanent Staff Marcel Ellenbroek (M.H.M.)


Room: HR N144
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 3973
E-mail: M.H.M. Ellenbroek
Position: Assistant professor
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Main Research Interest

  • Structural dynamics in general
  • Passive and active vibration control
  • Flexible Multi Body Dynamics
  • Modeling and control of a robot arm, satellites, parachutes and parafoils
  • Error localization and model updating
  • Optimization of structures
  • Applied mathematics

Teaching Activities

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  • Solid Mechanics (191157720)Theory of stress, Theory of strain, Constitutive laws, Solutions methods (stress functions), Tensor analysis, Torsion of prismatic beams, Bending of prismatic beams, Axisymmetric structures, Concentrated loads and stress concentrations.

Other Activities

I work 2 days at the university and 3 days for the company Dutch Space as a system engineer and a specialist in the field of structural dynamics and multi body dynamics.