Flexible Multibody System Analysis for Control Purposes - Software

The exercises for this course involve both theoretical analyses as well as numerical simulations. For these simulations you have to use Matlab/Simulink. This software is not provided during the course, so it is assumed that you have arranged your own installation. A rather basic installation of Matlab and Simulink with the Control System Toolbox should already be sufficient to answer the exercises of this course.

In addition you need a software package called SPACAR to carry out the analyses and simulations with (flexible) multibody systems. It is provided in two parts, with support for Microsoft Windows only L:

-A standalone GUI to build your mechanical models (with flexibility). Just unpack the ZIP-file and run the executable. The package includes a license valid until October 1, 2009. All registered course participants receive a license valid until January 1, 2010, by email.

-A toolbox for Matlab/Simulink (also Microsoft Windows only). Follow the link to download the software, installation instructions, some examples and a manual. Note that the manual will be provided to the course participants in hardcopy.