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Mohammad Kojourimanesh (M.) MSc.


Room: HR N137
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 2281
E-mail: m.kojourimanesh[a]
Position: PDEng student

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

  1. Inverse Acoustics,
  2. Fluid-Structure Interaction,
  3. Oil & Gas Industry,
  4. Control,
  5. HVAC systemsNoise reduction for ventilation systems with heat exchangers
    Research Projects

The project aims at the reduction of noise produced by ventilation systems with heat exchangers. The noise sources are mechanical vibrations due to the fan, the acoustic pressure generated by the action of the impeller in air and the turbulence of the air in the ducts. In this PDEng project, the objective is to reduce both the noise radiated from the ventilation unit and the noise radiated from the air supply vents.

Other Activities

Member of Iranian Society of Acoustics and Vibration (ISAV).Member of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering (ISME). Member of engineering order of building of Fars Province of Iran.(FCEO).

Recent jobs


  1. Technical and managerial expert in National Iranian Gas Company as “Head of Gas office in Gledar city” and “Gas Pipe network designer”, March 2013-May 2016.
  2. Technical expert in Shiraz Railway Organization “Master Engineer for metro maintenance” Nov.2012-March2013.
  3. Technical expert in Fars Province Telecommunications Company (TCI), “Head supervisor of instalments maintenance, Designer of HVAC systems”, January 2008-November 2012.
  4. Supervisor and designer of mechanical instalment of buildings in my private office from January 2008-May 2016.