dr. ir. Sebastiaan Wijsamp

PhD Project:

Shape distortions in composites forming


12th of mei 2005

The goal of the research described in this thesis was to develop a numerical design tool for high-precision composites forming. An efficient FE model which predicts process-induced shape distortions is developed, enabling correction of the tools beforehand. The primary distortional factors are identified and evaluated for different forming process.

An efficient simulation strategy is discussed, taking into account the primary distortional factors. A multi-layer element is proposed, which is able to describe interlaminar shear induced by tool contact. Layer-wise stresses are calculated without the cost of solving the degrees of freedom of separate fabric layers. The composite forming process is subdivided into separate steps, which enables the design of a different solution strategy for each step. The solution strategy is recognised as a promising tool for simulations of shape distortions in composite forming in the near future.

figure 1: Vertical disp. (mm) caused by spring forward

Sebastiaan Wijskamp is currently employed by Ten Cate AC in the Netherlands (