Salma Hamdi

Scientific co-worker (Doctoral candidate)

Contact Information:

Department of Production Technology, CTW,

Room N129, “Horst”,

University of Twente

Phone: +31-53-4892426


PhD Project:

Monitoring of degradation in polymeric composite pipe under harsh environment using dielectric spectroscopy

Start / End:

May 2004 to May 2008


This PhD project falls under the EET framework, a collaborative research project between Krohne, TU Delft Kramer’s Lab, and the NLR.


In a new application in sub-sea oil industry, composite materials are under consideration for use in a flow meter. High mechanical strength and corrosion resistance are required for this application to meet high pressure (200bar) and high temperature (1300C). In addition this current application requires a non-conductive and non magnetic material of the pipe housing in order to transmit a magnetic field through the wall housing pipe to the crude oil.

E-glass fiber reinforced composite material is considered a good candidate for this application for its non magnetic and low dielectric properties. The main disadvantage of this composite is the insufficient information on the durability of the good dielectric-mechanical-chemical quality of the mentioned material under sub sea environmental effects.

Therefore, understanding the mechanisms of environmental degradation and the changes in physical properties during the life time of the material is crucial and provides a determinant factor in the success of this application. In this application, the dielectric properties will be used as a monitoring tool of the actual material performance and life-time.

Therefore it was necessary, first, to develop a relationship between the degradation mechanisms and the changes of dielectric properties throughout the molecular and bulk structure level of the mentioned material.

Second, mechanical changes, as well, are investigated to find out correlation between the mechanical changes and the degradation mechanisms.

Finally, a level of harmonization between the dielectric and physic-chemical-mechanical properties changes is tend to be established in this research.


A full paper is submitted to Elsevier, composite sciences and technology, tiled: Dielectric spectroscopy of degradation in E-glass reinforced epoxy composites, Salma Hamdi, Remko Akkerman, Laurent Warnet. January 2008

Research posters:

Dielectric properties in composites, Salma Hamdi, Remko Akkerman, Laurent Warnet. IPV, Boxmeer 2004