Johan van Ravenhorst

Johan van Ravenhorst

PhD Project:

Simulation and optimization of the circular braiding process


University of Twente

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Chair of Production Technology

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

P +31 (0)6-16098368


Publication List

Start / End:

October 2010 to end 2016


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This project aims to develop software for fast simulation and optimization of braiding process parameters for a given laminate plan. The software can reduce lead-time and cost related to engineering, physical testing and over-dimensioning. Moreover, it can be used to assess ‘what-if’ scenarios and derive new design rules.

Circular braiding is a fast and reproducible manufacturing process to produce composite preforms. Preforms are usually impregnated with resin transfer moulding in the case of a thermoset matrix or consolidated with heat and pressure when using commingled thermoplastic yarns. Biaxial and triaxial braids can be produced for optimum load transfer while minimizing weight. Braiding is suited for automated series production of complex shapes with low material waste.

Circular braiding machine

Braidsim features

Braidsim examples

  • frame structures
  • landing gear and suspension
  • piping
  • pressure vessels

Braiding software ‘Braidsim’ is under development for use without the need for a specific CAE platform and offers institutes and industry features to:

  • assess if braiding is the right production process,
  • explore scenarios in early stages of structural design,
  • select the right machine,
  • train machine operators,
  • fully visualize the process in 3D,
  • generate braiding machine CNC code,
  • generate composite FEA input data,
  • predict the component fiber orientation and thickness,
  • optimise machine settings for a prescribed fibre distribution

Currently, Braidsim is in beta phase and is intended for commercial release. However, it is well-documented and sufficiently stable for practical use. Feel free to contact us for further information regarding R&D projects and licensing.


Rocket nozzle

Circular aircraft frame

Previous work of Blasimir Villa Rodriguez