Material model of long fiber thermoplastic in melt





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This project is jointly funded by UTwente & TPRC under the UT Impulse program.


Compression molding of long discontinuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics offers good mechanical performance with short processing times. However prediction of mechanical behavior is not easy as it depends on filling behavior & its effect on fiber orientation. This results in an uncoupled problem. Therefore an accurate model to address the highly anisotropic material conditions need to be realized & experimental works to characterize fiber orientation before & after molding are the need of the hour.


The mains aims of the project is to address the following major challenges:

  • Anisotropic flow behavior
  • Coupling flow & fiber orientation
  • Transition from Affine flow to percolation flow
  • Mechanical Jamming due to fiber stacking
  • Reliable, robust & easy to use material characterization methods

Current work

The idea is to concentrate on the major steps of compression molding process & address the major issues for long fiber thermoplastics:

a)      Thermoplastic stacking:  Quantification of parameters in randomly oriented & distributed pre impregnated chopped fibers in mold. (Ongoing)

b)     Pre-heating of thermoplastics

c)      Compression molding (link up with an ongoing project on flow modeling)

d)     Cooling process.

(necessary updates would be made as things progress with time)