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Optical measurement of a Micro Coriolis mass flow sensor

Haneveld demonstrated a micro Coriolis mass flow sensor, operating in the measurement range of 0 to 1 g/hr achieving a resolution in the order of 10 mg/hr using a laser vibrometer. Equipped with an integrated capacitive [3] readout the measurement uncertainty amounted to 2% of the full scale range. We demonstrate a down-scalable and low-cost optical sensor system that measures the movement of the micro Coriolis mass flow tube with a high resolution. The noise level is measured to be 6 mg/hr at a 3σ confidence interval.

Coriolis tube motion explanation:
Coriolis tube motion explanation using shower hose:

Figure 1: Working principle of the micro Coriolis mass flow meter. An actuation rotational velocity ωact, in combination with a mass flow Фm yields a Coriolis force Fcor.

Figure 2: Working principle of the optical beam deflection using a laser source and a quadrant cell which resolves the spot displacement due to rotational tube deflections. The shown location of reflection shows little translation and is therefore optimal.

Figure 3: SEM picture close-up of an SiRN tube. (J. Haneveld)

Figure 4: SEM overview picture of an SiRN tube. (J. Haneveld)

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