permanent staff D.M. (Dannis) Brouwer PDEng, Full Professor (Hoogleraar)
Chairholder of Precision Engineering
Horstring N126, email, +31 53 489 4845 J.L. (Just) Herder, Guest Professor TU Delft
email J.B. (Ben) Jonker, Emeritus Professor W.B.J. (Wouter) Hakvoort, Associate Professor
Tenure Track on Precision Motion Control
Horstring N138, email, +31 53 489 8967

Dr. H. (Hakan) Köroğlu, Assistant Professor
Horstring N132, email, +31 53 489 8867  

Jan de Jong J.J. (Jan) de Jong PDEng, Assistant Professor
Cofinanced by DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics
Horstring N128, email,+31 53 489 2567 M. (Marijn) Nijenhuis, Assistant Professor 

Ir. J.A.J. (Jaap) Brand, Research Fellow
with VDL-ETG
Horstring N138, email

Ir. O. (Otte) Haitsma, Guest Lecturer
with DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics

L. (Leo) Tiemersma, Technician
Horstring N138, email, +31 53 489 2428

T.J. (Tjerkje) Dijkstra van der Veen, Secretary,
Horstring N125, email, +31 53 489 2074

PostDocs, PhD's and PDEng's J.P. (Jaap) Meijaard, Post-doc
Mobius project
Horstring N138, email, +31 53 489 5666

Ir. M. (Mark) Naves, Post-doc 
MexFlex: Material Science and Synthesis of Extreme Positioning Flexures
email, +31 53 489 5571

Martin Tschiersky
M. (Martin) Tschiersky MSc, PhD Student
SoftPro: Compliant Shell Structures in Upper Extremity Exoskeletons
Cosupervised by Prof. Herder
email, +31 53 489 4897

Ir. K.S. (Koen) Dwarshuis, PhD Student
MexFlex: Material Science and Synthesis of Extreme Positioning Flexures
email, +31 53 489 1657 

Ir. S.T. (Sil) Spanjer, PhD student
Active Vibration Isolation Control

Ir. W. (Wouter) van Dijk, PhD student
Online physics-based machine learning algorithms for the control of precision robotic systems

Ir. R.S.M. (Riccardo) Sneep, PhD student
PortWings project in collaboration with Prof S. Stramigioli

Ir. T.M. (Tim) Koers, PDEng

email, +31 53 489 5603

Ir. B. (Bram) Seinhorst, PhD Student

email, +31 53 489 5537

Previous PHD candidates

Dr. J.P. (Jitendra) Khatait MSc 
'Motion and force transmission of a flexible instrument inside a curved endoscope'
2009-2013, Teleflex project
Thesis and publications 
Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India S.E. (Steven) Boer
'Model reduction of flexible multibody systems with application to large-stroke compliant precision mechanisms'
2009-2013, MOVET project
Thesis and publications
Research Engineer at SKF Gothenburg, Sweden B. (Bram) Krijnen
'A large-stroke planar MEMS-based stage with integrated feedback' 
2008-2014, Clemps project (part-time)
Thesis and publications
Mechatronic Systems Engineer at DEMCON, Enschede, the Netherlands M.S. (Maarten) Groen
'Microvalves for Precise Dosing - proportional Flow Control on a Chip-'
2011-2015, Mivado project
Thesis and publications
R&D design engineer at Micronit, Enschede, the Netherlands K.G.P. (Ger) Folkersma
'Laser forming for sub-micron adjustment - with application to optical fiber assembly-'
2011-2015, UV-RGB laser beam combiner project
Thesis and publications
Sr. Mechanical Engineer at DEMCON, Enschede, the Netherlands L. (Bert) van de Ridder
Vibration Isolation for Coriolis Mass-Flow Meters
2011-2015, Pieken in de Delta Programme
Thesis and publications
Technologist Dynamics and Control at Philips Innovation Services, Eindhoven, The Netherlands M.M. (Maarten) Arnolli
'Development of a precision system for image-guided needle placement - from scratch to clinic-'
2010-2017, Various projects with DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics (part-time) 
Precision CT image-guided needle placement system
Thesis and publications 
DEMCONemail M. (Marijn) Nijenhuis
VIDI project:
Large range of motion spatial flexure joints optimization 
– A topology synthesis method–  

Jan de Jong J.J. (Jan) de Jong PDEng
InBalance project


L.A. (Luis) Garcia Rodriguez MSc, PDEng
Development of a fully flexure-based prosthetic hand 
ASML, Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Ir. J.J. (Julian) Mulder, PDEng Student Robotics
Development of an MRI Compatible Needle Placement System
email, +31 53 489 8202 
DEMCON, Enschede, The Netherlands