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Room: HR N119
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 2234
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Position: Assistant Professor

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Numerical simulation of forming processesModeling friction and wear in forming processesDamage mechanicsFinite elements methodBiomechanics of solids

Teaching Activities

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  • Introduction to the Finite Element Method - IO, WB (201000019, 191157110)Presented in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering Departments

Ongoing Research Projects

Multiscale friction and wear modelling in hot sheet metal forming (Industry project)

The aim of this project is to develop a multiscale physical based friction model for hot stamping of coated sheet metals. The model incorporates the morphology and the profile of the coating layer on the micro scale and is implemented in FE simulation of the hot sheet metal forming processes on the macro scale.

Model based surface texture design for zinc coated metal sheets (STW project)The main aim of this project is model based surface design for multi-layered metal sheet based on fundamental physical insights to realize optimal frictional behavior in sheet forming processes.

Advanced Simulation and control of tribology in metal forming processes (EU project)The aim of ASPECT is to develop advanced simulations technology to account for temperature increase and adaptive control systems to adjust the machine settings during the production process.
Bonding strength of deforming polymer-metal interfaces (RoSF project)The aim of this project is to develop a multi-scale hybrid model of metal forming and injection molding processes to predict the surface morphology in different polymer-metal contact situations and finally estimate the bonding strength of polymer-metal interfaces in industrial scale applications.
Characterization of Al-Si coating fracture during hot deformation (STW project)The aim of this project is characterizing and multiscale modeling of the initiation of the micro-cracks at the surface and the coating-substrate interface and optimizing hot stamping process parameters (both thermal and mechanical) to avoid cracks in the coating based on fracture behavior of the coating layer.

Development of an efficient optimization strategy for robust multi stage production processes (RoSF project)An efficient methodology is developed to analyze inevitable scatter that builds up during successive processing steps in a multi-stage production process. The method will be later used to optimize the robustness of the multi-stage production processes.
Towards a First time right production process of metal transport belts by active control (Industry project)This project aims at the development of a system that actively controls the tooling, using meta-models which are built based on process knowledge, numerical analyses and measured data.

Other ActivitiesPhD-Research

Patient specific prediction of bone failure using microstructure-enhanced continuum finite element models