See Permanent Staff Ton van den Boogaard (A.H.)


Room: HR N130
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 4785
E-mail: Contact form
Position: Professor

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

  • Numerical simulation of forming processes e.g. deepdrawing, incremental sheet forming, extrusion, rolling, cutting.
  • Numerical modelling of biomaterials.
  • Stability of plastic deformation and stability of material models in FEM analysis (including mesh dependency, localization and convergence).
  • Optimization and robustness in forming processes.
  • Object Oriented Programming (finite element programs, mesh generation programs). The C++ framework FeaTure for Finite Element programming and a collection of C++ tensor classes are freely available.

Teaching Activities

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  • Mechanics of materials (Sterkteleer).
  • Nonlinear Solid Mechanics.
  • HTSM Honours Master lectures: Metals and metal forming simulations.
  • Nonlinear Material Mechanics (Post graduate course EM).
  • Mechanics of Large Deformations (Post graduate course EM).

Other Activities