Postdocs, PhD's and PDEng's Jos Havinga (G.T.)


Room: HR N127
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 4069
E-mail: g.t.havinga[a]
Position: Postdoctoral researcher

Main Research Interest

Finite Element modeling of metal forming processes, material modelling, robust optimization, sequential optimization, metamodeling, production control.

Research Projects


Real-time state estimation and control in manufacturing systems



The goal of the MEGaFiT project was to construct a real-time control for a metal forming process, aiming to reduce the amount of erroneous products. The control strategy is based on process knowledge obtained through numerical modeling. Within MEGaFiT, two demonstrator projects are built and controlled as a proof-of-concept. We contributed to MEGaFiT in the field of numerical modeling, metamodeling and robust optimization.