Elastomer Technology and Engineering
S. Kim (Sunkeun)
PhD Candidate

Elastomer Technology and Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Technology 
University of Twente 

P.O. box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Sunkeun Kim

Sunkeun KIM was born on October 26, 1980 in South Korea. He studied chemical engineering at the Hanyang University (South Korea). And also obtained Master’s degree (2006) from Hanyang University, His thesis was titled “Properties of nanocomposite of maleated EPDM/Organo clay and microcellular foam in supercritical CO2”.

From 2006 to 2018, he has been working in the industries, mainly to be divided into two large topics. One topic is directed to develop new polymer systems for the improved final products properties after compounding and blending. The other topic is to set up the suitable process conditions for the newly developed compound.

He joined the ETE group in April 2018, embarking on this new adventure and travelling to Enschede together with his fantastic four (one wife and three adorable daughters).

Sunkeun is currently working on a topic of “Nanostructured self-assembled functional materials”.