Elastomer Technology and Engineering
J.W. van Hoek (Hans)
Guest PhD Candidate

Elastomer Technology and Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Technology 
University of Twente 

P.O. box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Hans van Hoek

I started my PhD with experiences as a marine engineer on both motor- and steamturbine driven ships at Shell Tankers, as manager (and problem solver) at a technical service and trainingdepartment of Wärtsilä, as designer of controlsystems for dairysystems at Stork Amsterdam and industrialsize diesel engines at Wärtsilä.

I did my master at the Technical Highschool of Delft, now University, started it at the electrotechnical department and finished it at the mechanical department with a thesis on the medical effects of a treatment.

The last 15 years I worked as a teacher in mechanical - and control engineering courses, was responsible for part-time studies, being a member of the technical business administration team and chairman of the board of examens of the technical department of the University of applied sciences Windesheim, Zwolle. There I changed lately position as researcher and lecturer to the professorship on polymer technology. My PhD topic is devulcanization of cartire rubber and the reusability of this for cartires.

I have been scubadiving, parachuting, canyoning, (see)sailing, canoing and semi-professional treeclimbing. I live in the area of Heino on a farm together with a very intelligent cat named Poespoes, a large, loud cock and some Welsumer chickens.