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André Louis
André Louis was born in Nordhorn, Germany, on 30th of June 1981. He first got involved into material science during his job training as a dental technician. After one year of work experience, he started to study Material Science at the University of Applied Science in Osnabrueck, Germany. In 2009 he obtained his bachelor degree and continued his studies, now on Applied Material Science with focus on Polymertechnology. During his studies he became more and more interested in elastomers and as a consequence the topic of his master thesis was “Investigation of Morphology and Thermal-Mechanical Properties of Dynamic Vulcanizates Based on ENR/TPU-Blends”. He finished his studies in 2011 with a master degree and thereafter joined the Rubber Technology Group of the University of Twente as PhD student in January, 2012 on the topic “In-line textile cord activation with plasma treatment”.