Elastomer Technology and Engineering
Alexandra Shakun
Guest Researcher

Elastomer Technology and Engineering 
Faculty of Engineering Technology 
University of Twente 

P.O. box 217
7500 AE Enschede
The Netherlands

Alexandra Shakun 

Alexandra Shakun (born 24.12.1987 in Leningrad, USSR) received her B.Sc. degree from St.Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television, Russia, in the field of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology in 2009, followed by an engineer qualification in Technology of Cine-photomaterials in 2010. In 2014, she obtained a M.Sc. degree from Tampere University of Technology, Finland, with the thesis “Soft elastomeric material with improved dielectric permittivity” as a part of the project focusing on dielectric elastomer actuators.

Since 2015, Alexandra is conducting her Ph.D. research at Tampere University of Technology, Laboratory of Materials Science. The focus of the study is development of nanodiamond-elastomer composites for energy harvesting. The graduation is estimated for the end of 2019. Her research interests include rubber technology, elastomer nanocomposites, dielectric elastomer transducers, nanodiamonds and thermal analysis.



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