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University of Twente

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The Netherlands

Jacob S. Lopulissa, Ing.
Lab Technician

Jacob Lopulissa was born in 1949 in Ambon, capital city of Maluku province, known as the Spice Islands, in East-Indonesia.

He studied chemistry at the University of Professional Education in Hengelo.

From 1973-1975 he was employed by the SON (Stichting Scheikundig Onderzoek Nederland) in the Anorganic Materials Science Group of prof. Burggraaf. Subsequently he worked in the Rheology Group of prof. Van der Wallen Mijnlieff from 1975-2005. The group's name was transformed into Physics of Complex Fluid, now led by prof. Mugele.

From September 2005 till December 2015 he was part of the Rubber Technology Group of prof. Noordermeer, now led by Prof. Anke Blume.